The Announcement, Gilgamesh, tablets 1-4 Published Online!


It is with a frisson of disbelief that Ampersand Press finally announces the publication of the first part of The Epic of Gilgamesh. The road has been long–12 years–and the moments of doubt many, but here is presented the opening 1,500 lines of Gilgamesh. The book is currently available on-line

Readers will be wondering why they shouldn’t wait for the completed edition of the story., which is due spring to fall of next year. The short answer is: a year is a long time to wait, and since it will in all likelihood be about 4,500 lines long, why not order the first third now and savor the writing?

Just a thought (or maybe even a suggestion). Heck, AP even advises its readers to buy the book. This version, available online at (and in 6 weeks, from Amazon and Barnes & Noble (say, by mid-June), reads continuously and includes material that focuses on the Epic’s hidden theme: the struggle between men and women for power (the Goddess Inanna is a character in the story).

Cool Beans!