Paper Edition of Gilgamesh Tablets 1-4 published on Tuesday!

Yesterday Ampersand Press got out its first print edition of Gilgamesh; this book includes tablets 1-4 with an introduction. The initial response was good and AP hopes to sell out its first trial run (50 copies) in the next couple of weeks.

Publishing a major excerpt like this is definitely a milestone, and of course there are the other books to work on. Not to mention Kindle and Lulu…AP will keep you updated as it moves along the publication milestones.

Wow! Amazing to see it in print!


(p.s. and yes, the press decided to add tablet 4 to its edition at the last minute…more work, but more to read, too!)

Photo: Mace dedicated to Gilgamesh (end of the 3rd Millennium); Louvre Museum; WikiCmns; Public Domain.


Amassunu–Ampersand Press’s First Offering

Fact is, Ampersand Press already has one book under its belt: its publisher’s chapbook, Amassunu. Way back in November of 2010, this short but swell book emerged as AP’s first offering.  Sales have been modest, but then marketing has been nil (but work is in progress to correct the oversight).

And so this gentle reminder to readers.

Reviewing my own book would be cheating, so AP recommends that readers visit this review.  (And come to think of it, The Rag Tree has a whole page on the book; go here to read excerpts from the poetry.) AP will venture that the author was born in Brazil (hence the book’s title), spent more than half of his childhood overseas, and has spent his adult life in the DC/Baltimore region. He is a writer/editor in his professional life.

Trust the book, not the author: the book represents more than a decade of work on the author’s part and most of the pieces have been published elsewhere. The poetry is a mixture of short and long (including an excerpt from AP’s forthcoming Gilgamesh), concrete and abstract, city and country. Translations from Li Po and Wang Wei are included. So is some silliness.

Intrigued? Or just curious? Amassunu is available on this page at  AP hopes readers will take the plunge, purchase, and savor.