The Dragons of Grammar


Shortly after I started my primary blog, The Rag Tree, Margo Roby (whose blog, Wordgathering, is definitely worth a visit) ran across it and was impressed; thus began a friendship that  has been of benefit to us both. Chief, perhaps, of these benefits, from my perspective, has been Margo’s suggestion (back in November 2010, or thereabouts) that I post about grammar, a sorely neglected field, with the goal of making it a little less intimidating to those who might be interested in learning more. Thus was born the Dragons of Grammar, a thread in the RT’s posts that has attracted much attention and comment over the months.

It was also Margo who blithely suggested that she would be more than happy to buy a copy of any book based on the thread. And so, if for no other reason than to follow up on another of Margo’s helpful suggestions, I have been planning to issue The Dragons of Grammar in print. TDoG will probably be out sometime next year, when some time opens up after parts 1 Gilgamesh and A Daughter’s Song and Dance have come out.

Here is a sample of titles/topics: Build Me a Wing: the Ascent of Syntax; The Mystery of Vowels; Varmints! What to Do with Squigglies and Squeekies; and Words that Abduct Your Audience. Check out the essays on the Rag Tree. I guarantee a chuckle or two along the way…     AP